Communication Builds Bridges

When a company seeks to achieve success, communicating facts, figures and concepts is key to accomplishing goals. To reach any goal, one must build the right bridge to get from one place to the next. Key to this is business information, knowledge and the ability to say to your clients or partners, the thoughts and plans you provide.

McBlain’s was founded in 2004 as an alternative to traditional research agencies who deliver bland, uninspiring and academic outcomes. Our mission is to uncover hidden truths about your target market and then help you translate these into marketing and commercial success.

That’s the McBlain’s difference. It’s why The Epicurus Group selected us as the best new research agencies when we were founded a decade ago. It’s why companies looking for growth choose us. And it’s why the average client has worked with us on more than three projects.

McBlain’s delivers consistent outcomes like these because:

  1. We’re a comprehensive resource. We intimately understand your environment, your business issues, and your commercial realities. You’ll benefit from the sea of experience we offer from our relationship with The Epicurus Group
  2. We’re research-led consultants. Our people couple research expertise with a background in business, strategy, and marketing. You’ll receive commercially sound advice which makes a real business impact
  3. We guarantee a high-caliber, highly-experienced team. Over the past decade, McBlain’s has grown into a highly respected agency, but we’ve retained our boutique culture. You’ll receive the very highest levels of service and work with people who ‘get it’
  4. We constantly push the boundaries. Our default mindset is to constructively challenge the status quo – to put received ‘wisdom’ under the microscope and develop smart tools which look beyond the obvious. You’ll take the best path and stay one step ahead of the competition

Documenting Your Business

No one wants to actually spend time documenting what they do. It’s time-consuming and you could actually be ‘doing’ it rather than writing it down. Documentation is, however, a necessity. It’s how your customers understand what you do; what your products are; how they work; and what to do to work with your business.

In business documentation, language is everything. The improper placement of a single comma can change the meaning of a whole sentence. One poorly written sentence can cost your company millions of dollars, as can the lack of the right descriptions or conditions. Mistakes in the delivery of your message can cause your company embarrassment and credibility.

There are two critical areas of a business to be documented: Internal and External. Internal documents are generally used to guide your employees about internal processes and procedures. External documents are things you share with customers like product instructions, manuals, marketing materials, etc. Communicating your business is critical to your success. Let McBlain’s & Company help you make it happen.