McBlain’s & Co. was founded in 2004 becoming an independent consultancy within The Epicurus Group. Its primary purpose is to undertake original research and develop substantive points of view on critical issues facing businesses around the world.

We seek to help business leaders and policy makers understand the evolution of the global economy, improve performance and competitiveness, and provide a fact base for decision making at both the national and international level.

We assist companies by building their written communications, strategies and concepts into workable, practical solutions at any level – from a simple manual for a product to a complex corporate business plan, we’re there to help and to get it right.

When expanding our consultancy, the Board of Directors of The Epicurus Group sought to create an entity with significant leadership and expertise from the corporate community and the various market segments we serve.

Utilizing our relationships with such entities as The London School of Economics & Political Science, The Epicurus Institute and other academic and research organizations, the Board established a firm relationship with McBlain’s.

McBlain’s work is a unique combination of two distinct disciplines: economics and management. Economists often have limited access to the practical problems facing senior managers, while senior managers often lack the time and incentive to look beyond their own industry to the larger issues of the global economy. McBlain’s helps bring together a broad economic view with a management perspective.

Through this approach, McBlain’s helps guide business and policy leaders in shaping the global economy, bringing together the practical insights of industry with broader global perspectives. One hallmark of our research is a deep microeconomic analysis at the sector level. This enables us to go beyond the broad macroeconomic indicators to examine the actual drivers of performance. We have applied this approach extensively across many industrialized and developing countries around the world across a large number of industry sectors. Our research agenda spans many topics including country and sector productivity, the links between IT and productivity, global economic integration, and capital markets.

The Advisors Panel
The merger of disciplines at the heart of our approach is reflected in the research process. To draw from the best economic thinking, our research teams work with a number of leading economists and sector leaders, who serve as Epicurus Institute advisors.